With Green Pie the first laboratory for circular innovation in Turin is born

June 10, 2021
12 selected projects to give space to those who work to promote sustainability and its impact on society and the territory.

A physical space designed to offer visibility and comparison to green companiesis born in Turin, from the collaboration between Camera di Commercio di Torino, Torino City Lab and GreenPea, the first Green Retail Park in the world created by Eataly. In the nascent structure will be hosted 12 projects that every week will alternate in a space managed by the City of Turin and Turismo Torino e Provincia, to inform and discuss the issues of circular innovation.

"There is a very high responsibility," explains the president of Turismo Torino e Provincia Maurizio Vitale, "which passes through generating initiatives that increase tourist flows. Our role is to make the territory attractive, and we will continue to do so."

The 12 projects were selected on the basis of their commitment to innovation and adherence to the principles of circular economy, respect for nature and the pursuit of objectives involving environmental, social and economic benefits. The selection was made among the realities coming from the Lab sharing & Circular, funded by the City's program on circular economy AxTo, from the network of Torino City Lab and from projects related to European Union programs.

These realities will be marked with a green sticker, a merit badge for those who have this approach and want to share its benefits with the ecosystem, the city and other key players able to make Turin more and more attractive, even to professionals with key skills still missing in our territory. In October the best projects will be awarded with the Green Pie Award, a prize carried out in collaboration with Torino City Lab partners Lumi 4 Innovation and Torino Wireless, the interdisciplinary center of the University of Turin ICxT and the PhD in Innovation for the circular economy of the University of Turin.

"Torino needs to be an anticipator and megaphone to tell the story of companies' efforts in circular innovation," said Marco Pironti, City Councilor for Innovation. "The extension of Torino City Lab to these themes well represents our vision of an inclusive city with respect to emerging technologies and smart city. And Green Pea, which becomes an open plaza to showcase companies as a participatory showcase, is the optimal partner. Collaboration between the public and private sectors today opens up a new avenue for creating projects capable of sustaining themselves over time. Whoever wants to do business, including social business," he concluded, "must find support from the public administration. I think it's important that everyone understands their role and does it well: we want Turin to anticipate the trend towards the circular economy, intercepting the efforts of companies and allowing them to tell their story, also talking about failures and difficulties because real progress comes from them".

Francesco Farinetti, president and CEO of GreenPea, added: “Our motto is from duty to beauty and beauty is achieved through innovation. This is the most beautiful and sustainable place there is. Today in this place we are ready to start with a program aimed at telling the story of Turin as the most innovative city in Italy, opening the doors to companies ready to compete. Sustainability is a goal and we must get there together".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content

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