Club degli Investitori is participating in the €100m round of funding for Everli

March 31, 2021
The deal led by Verlinvest will accelerate the marketplace's expansion in Europe and generate 100 jobs in Italy.

Everli (formerly Supermercato24) is Europe's leading online shopping marketplace, created with the aim of providing comfort to individuals and families by reducing the complexity of shopping. With offices in Milan, Verona and Warsaw, the company has an international team of more than 200 people, more than 100 partnerships with retailers and brand industries, and around 3 million orders delivered between Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and France. In 2020, Everli's sales quadrupled, in light of the increased use of online shopping due to the limitations caused by the pandemic emergency, generating a turnover of €110m for the company.

The deal that led to the conclusion of a $100m funding round was led by Verlinvest with the goal of accelerating the marketplace's expansion across Europe and expanding the Italian team with 100 new hires by 2022. Even the shareholders of the Club degli Investitori in Turin, whose business angels have already been involved in Everli since 2017, decided to reinvest alongside the members of Italian Angels for Growth.

"Everli's goal has always been to simplify the shopping experience," said Federico Sargenti, CEO of Everli. "The past year has been complex, both for consumers and the industry in general, and we are proud to have been able to play an important role in supporting people during this time. The shift towards online delivery is not reversible and the industry is facing increasing expectations from all parties: we create value for consumers, providing access to supermarkets and popular products even in small cities, and we offer retailers the opportunity to be competitive on online channels by reaching a new target of consumers." 


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content

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