OGR Tech: 200 million investments in 3 years, 200 startups supported and 150 events held

December 6, 2022
Record results for the space dedicated to innovation at Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin, which has exceeded the goals set at its inception.

The dedicated innovation and business acceleration hub OGR Tech, since 2019 to date, has become a key hub within the tech ecosystem, both local and national, exceeding 200 million in catalyzed investments, thanks to the support of its financial partners.

Currently, OGR Tech hosts 14 different innovative startup and business acceleration programs, in different tech sectors such as gaming, spacetech, deeptech, advanced hardware, smart cities, edutech, fintech, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. This innovation hub in Turin, one of the largest in Italy, has also managed to achieve this great growth by virtue of working with more than 70 strategic partners who are part of a large international business community.

The 60 percent of the supported startups, 200 in the last three years, are Turin and Italian realities that, thanks to the network and possibilities generated by OGR, have had the opportunity to develop their business, both on a national and international scale. To make the environment in the "tech" branch of the Officine Grandi Riparazioni di Torino even more alive, undoubtedly contribute the events organized: in the last 12 months there have been more than 150 meeting activities dedicated to the OGR Tech business community, with the aim of expanding the network of contacts of the realities that populate its spaces and offering them important opportunities for growth.

Massimo Lapucci, CEO of OGR Torino and Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, said, "In 2019 we inaugurated the OGR Tech hub with the aim of helping Italy bridge part of the important gap in innovation. It was an ambitious challenge that makes us particularly pleased today to report that so far, in about three years characterized moreover by the pandemic emergency, we have supported more than 200 startups - among the best in Italy and Europe - and catalyzed 200 million euros to support young companies together with our financial partners. With this trend we are not only confirming the initial goals, but we are accelerating the process to reach them: today we can say that in less than 10 years we will reach the goal we originally set over a time frame of about 20 years. This achievement is possible thanks to the formidable OGR team and the indispensable collaboration with partners of international caliber, with whom we have built a true innovation network based on synergies and exchange of expertise".


Luca Coppolella
Head of Content


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